Update – Donations

Hello lovelies…

I wanted to pop together a quick update just to let you all know how the donations/funds are being spent this year. I think it’s important that you guys see…

Things I’ve purchased so far:

Storage – £57.20

Socks (200 pairs) – I bought a load from the various Poundland shops in Birmingham then found 5pks on Sports Direct Online for £1.50 (doh) – not sure on quality yet but delivery this week. – £85

Toothbrushes (15 x 10) – £28 (Amazon)

Twixs (52 x 9 pk) – £52

Penguins (48 x 8) – £48

Water 500ml (6×24) – £24

Fox’s Mints (12 x 195g bags – thought we could split a few mints into each bag) – £12

Drawstring bags (50 – still have some stock from last year & expecting donations from local business) £25 + 5.99

Christmas Cards (12pks) – £18

Wrapping Paper (we have a donation of 40 Christmas jumpers so we’re going to wrap them and deliver Christmas Eve) – £10

Sellotape – £5

Toiletries (Assortment – wipes, shower gel, deodorants, toothpaste) – £102 (will need more toiletries but this was just a quick pick-up)

= £472.19

(The items have been purchased with the money raised by the Quiz Night and OpDrawstring Gigs & my own money (£152.19))

We now have £606 on the Villa Signed Ball Raffle. These funds take 7 working days (approx) to clear. From these funds I will reimburse myself and then put up another similar post on how these donations will be spent, I thought it would be a good idea to save some of the funds for January/February hand outs – as these two months tend to be even colder than December. I am also expecting quite a lot of donations from the public (hence why we have only purchased 50 extra bags….).

If anyone has any specific queries/questions – I’m more than happy to answer them.

If you would like to be involved/donate/give your time please drop me an email kerry.lenihan1@gmail.com

Peace, happiness & love always xoxo

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